Bernard Moitessier (10 April 1925 — 16 June 1994), a French national born and raised in Vietnam, was a sailor most notable for his participation in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, the first round the world yacht race.

With the fastest circumnavigation time towards the end of the race, Moitessier was the likely winner but he elected to continue on to Tahiti again and not return to the start line in England, rejecting the idea of the commercialization of long distance sailing.

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            Gilles Deleuze (18 January 1925 — 4 November 1995) was a French philosopher who, from the early 1960s until his death, wrote on philosophy, literature, film, and fine art.

His most popular works were the two volumes of Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Anti-Oedipus (1972) and A Thousand Plateaus (1980), both co-written with psychoanalyst Félix Guattari. His metaphysical treatise Difference and Repetition (1968) is considered by many scholars to be his magnum opus.

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